At the Stillpoint Spaces Lab we are creating the conditions for work and cultural engagement that goes beyond productivity.

Stillpoint Spaces London offers co-working in a whole new way. Members become part of a community that seeks to apply psychological thinking to their work, whatever that work may be. Whatever your background or profession, all you need to be a part of our community is an interest or curiosity about psychology and related disciplines. We hope that by working in an environment that highlights these ideas will inspire you in your own work.

We are attracting writers, academics, creatives, designers, technologists, consultants, coaches, students, and others passionate about deepening their engagement with work and life. All memberships include use of The Lab, free coffee and tea, access to our onsite reading library, use of Wi-Fi, and discounts on book and events. There will also be the opportunity to become part of our international community.

What kind of memberships are available?

There are several kinds of membership to suit your needs. These are the basics, but please do contact us for further details: even better, come book a tour and ask us what you like on site. All our memberships include the following benefits: Lab visits, guest passes, discounts on Stillpoint events, discounts on our books and at the Karnac online shop, discounts on room hire. There are further benefits depending on your level of membership, so please do enquire.

Community Memberships: 

These memberships are ideal for anyone who wants to work in our space from a few days a week, to having unlimited access across all our opening hours. There are several tiers with membership fees starting at just £25 a month. All of our community memberships include full-time access to our virtual community as well as part to full time use of our Lab. Our tiers include:

Classic:  For those who only want occasional use of our space.
Hot-Desker: For those looking for more regular visits.
Full Timer: Does what it says on the tin.
Student: Same as classic but at a reduced price.

Clinical Membership:

These memberships are exclusively for those in the talking professions, inclusive of counsellors, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, and psychologists. This membership includes a profile on our website and use of our practice management and encrypted video conferencing platform for therapy. This membership is free to individuals who are renting our consulting rooms. Clinical membership is subject to presentation of paperwork and interview.

Coaching Membership:

Recognising that coaches tend to work on a more fluid schedule than therapists, we have developed a membership for coaches suited to their needs. For one low annual membership fee you get a raft of benefits including 10 free consulting room hours, 10 free hours to use in our “Library” meeting room, access to The Lab on days your are using our consulting rooms, and a variety of other extras including discounts on space hire, books and events. Further consulting room hours, hot-desking days in The Lab, and guest passes are available at a special price for coaches on this membership. Like our clinical memberships, coaching membership is subject to interview.

Institutional Membership:

Whether you are a social enterprise, educational institution, non-profit, or commercial enterprise, we offer bespoke memberships to meet your needs. These include Lab visits for your staff, discounts on our meeting rooms and Lab hire, and other benefits that may suit your organisation.

Terms and Conditions: By using our Lab you will have accepted our Licensing Agreement for users of ‘The Lab’.

Book a tour

If you think you would be interested in membership, we’d very much like to meet you to discuss it. Book a tour, using the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon